Excited for the new season!

To say it at least, I’m really excited to be starting the season in Sölden this weekend. Since I won my first Giant Slalom overall last season, it’s going to be fun to race in the red bib in Sölden for the first time. When the Sölden weekend is coming up it’s always a weird and exciting feeling, and I’m pretty sure that all the racers feel the same way. Over such a long summer, you try to do the right things and get well prepared, but the first race always sneaks up on you.

Missing the times when we were able to meet you guys | Photo: Tore Meek | NTB

Sölden this year is a bit different than the years before. The week before the first race is usually really hectic with lots of media and sponsor meetings, as well as making your final preparations. Since the first race is going to be held without any spectators, there isn’t as much of a “buzz” around the event either. I wish it wasn’t like this though. It will be a new and special experience racing without any spectators for the first time. Having people on the side of the hill cheering for all the racers is truly something special, and something I am sure we all are going to miss. But at this time, it’s the right thing to do. I’m crossing my fingers that we are all going to be able to attend events again further down the road. That said, this week has been a lot more quiet than usual, which have made me put all my focus into the race.


Sölden, Austria 2019 | Photo: Tore Meek / NTB

The preparations have for sure been good. During this summer, some of you might have noticed something different about me; I have gained some weight! This is something I pretty much do every year, but not to this extent. Every season I lose some weight throughout the season which I regain again in the summer. It’s been a goal of mine to try and stabilize between 80-85 kilos to be able to produce some more power. On some of the flatter slalom courses and many of the giant slalom courses I feel like I have lost a lot of time, simply due to gravity. Gaining this weight can’t compromise my technique or speed on the more “turny” courses though. That is why I have been doing it steadily over the last couple of years.


Training this week in Pitztal, Austria | Photo: Private

This last week I have been stationed in Pitztal, Austria. We had a lot of fresh new snow over last weekend and the beginning of the week, but the crew in Pitztal worked incredibly hard and the conditions turned out to be really nice. Going into a new season it’s always difficult to know where you stand. I feel like we have made good preparations, but I’ll guess we all have to wait until Sunday to find out. I feel ready, do you?

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