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Van Deer logo

Van Deer

Van Deer is a new generation of skis and with their no-compromise approach to skiing and equipment they align perfect with my values. I’m excited to join this project from the 2022-2023 season and looking forward to working within the #vandeerway.

Sweet Protection logo

Sweet Protection

Sweet Protection is a Norwegian company whose remarkable products help to keep the most important part of me safe—MY HEAD! It’s incredibly cool to work so closely with a group of guys that I share so many common interests with.

Energiapura logo


Staying healthy or free of injuries is one of the most important things for any athlete. In alpine skiing the speeds are high and the forces can be extreme. Protection equipment from Energiapura helps me to avoid injuries from impacts at high speeds.

Komperdell logo


In alpine skiing, balance is of the upmost importance. Ski poles are a huge factor in this aspect of our sport. Komperdell poles give me that balanced feeling that I need to ski faster.

Reusch logo


It's important to not injure yourself when you are a skier, and every part of the body. That includes the hands as well, and Reusch gives me that right protection. They also keep my hands warm and comfortable. Reusch make the best gloves for racing and your everyday ski adventure, they have winter gloves for every use.

Husqvarna logo


Husqvarna is a classic motorcycle brand from Sweden, Scandinavia. It was started in 1903 and is still running strong today. The first bike I got when I was 6 years old was a Husqvarna 50cc Huskyboy. It's great to be back on Husqvarna, the brand I grew up riding.

SPM Sport Equipment logo

SPM Sport Equipment

SPM is the world leading supplier of slalom gates and safety equipment. SPM products are now on slopes all over the world and on many of the most prestigious venues on The Audi FIS World Cup Alpine tour, Alpine World Championships and Olympics. For me it is really important to be able to train with the same poles that we use in races and that the equipment is relaible and of high quality.

Protern.io logo


Our training analyses have become more professional through the use of Protern. We are able to compare the required sections and important passages with the times, the corresponding line choice and the respective speed. Protern helps us and we can work more accurate in our training sessions, especially with the different material setups and the tactical choice of the line. We can get a big benefit out Protern. – Henrik Kristoffersen and Jörg Roten (Coach).

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My logo and website has been made by Vasser, who provide design and development services to ambitious companies and athletes.


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